Demonstrative adjectives - ce, cette, ces

'This' and 'these' - ce, cette and ces in French - are called demonstrative adjectives. They are used when you want to point out a specific thing or person or to emphasise something.

They come before a noun and agree with the noun. For example:

  • ce before a masculine singular noun, eg ce matin - this morning
  • cette before a feminine singular noun, eg cette semaine - this week
Note that ce changes to cet before a masculine singular noun that begins with a vowel or silent -h, eg:
  • cet ami - this male friend
  • cet homme - this man

Ces means 'these'. It's used before a noun in the plural form. For example:

  • ces voitures - these cars (voitures = feminine plural)
  • ces amis - these friends (amis = masculine plural/mixed group)
  • ces hommes - these men (hommes = silent -h and plural)
  • ces oranges - these oranges (oranges = vowel and plural)
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