Rights and responsibilities

People around the world have different rights and responsibilities depending on the country they live in.

In Scotland and the rest of the UK, the Human Rights Act 1998 outlines fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone is entitled to.

The rights people in Scotland have are balanced by responsibilities:

Right to lifeNot to harm or endanger other people's lives
Freedom of thought, belief and religionTo respect the freedom of people to have different thoughts, beliefs and religions
Freedom of expressionTo express yourself within the law, and allow others to express themselves
Protection from discriminationNot to discriminate against others
Participate in free electionsTo accept the results of elections, even when you disagree with the outcome

Differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK

There are some differences in the rights and responsibilities we have in Scotland as oppsed to the rest of the UK.

When it comes to political participation, everyone over the age of 16 and who is on the electoral register can vote in Scottish Parliamentary elections and local government elections.

In line with the rest of the UK, everyone over the age of 18 can vote in UK Parliamentary elections.