The role of Hitler

The video below outlines the role of Hitler's public appeal in the Nazi rise to power.

Hitler was a popular speaker
Hitler was a popular speaker

Despite the failure of the Munich Putsch in 1923, when Hitler tried to seize power by violent revolution, he was able to use his trial to make himself a national figure, publishing his ideas in Mein Kampf, his autobiography.

Hitler's charismatic and energised style helped the Nazi Party to be noticed and to gain votes:

  • Hitler was a popular and effective public speaker at a time when politicians had to speak at public meetings on a regular basis.
  • He used these meetings to tell many Germans what they wanted to hear – that there was a political party that would solve all their problems.
  • He used simplistic language and short phrases to convey his message.
  • He came across as energetic and passionate: someone who cared about the plight of the German people.