Interactions between different types of diseases

  • Different types of disease may interact.
    • For instance, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections, which lead to AIDS, affect the efficiency of the immune system. This means people with HIV and AIDS get more infectious diseases than a healthy person. A common infectious disease that occurs in HIV patients is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection, mainly affecting the lungs.
  • Viruses living in cells can be the trigger for cancers.
    • For instance, the majority of cases of cancer of the cervix are linked with a virus present in the female reproductive system called HPV.
  • The reaction of the immune system to pathogens and other foreign bodies can trigger allergic reactions that lead to skin rashes and asthma.
    • For instance, severe respiratory infections in babies can lead to asthma in later childhood.
  • Severe physical ill health can lead to depression and other types of mental illness.