Detailed plot summary - part two

Eel Marsh House

After the funeral, Arthur gets a lift across the Nine Lives Causeway to Eel Marsh House with the reserved caretaker, Keckwick. He turns up in a pony and trap and says nothing all the way across the marsh.

A pony and trap

Arthur sees the woman in black again and starts to feel very frightened. In the house he finds that Mrs Drablow has left papers in almost every drawer and desk. He realises that his job will take a long time and that he will need to come back the next day. He goes out to meet Keckwick and hears the noise of a pony and trap followed by the sound of a child screaming. He is terrified by the time Keckwick turns up.

Arthur Kipps finds the nursery and some old Victorian toys
Arthur Kipps finds the nursery and some old Victorian toys

In the nursery

No one will help Arthur clear the estate, so he decides he will need to stay the night there until he has collected all the papers. Samuel Daily offers him his dog, Spider, for company and Arthur accepts.

The night at Eel Marsh House is disturbed by a regular bumping noise that comes from behind a locked door. The next evening, Arthur is sorting through papers and letters when the bumping starts again. He becomes increasingly afraid as he hears the pony and trap and child's cry again. Back in the house, the door to the locked room is suddenly flung open and through it Arthur finds a nursery filled with toys and a rocking chair in motion.

Samuel Daily rescues Kipps

Samuel Daily arrives at the house in the early hours of the morning. He has been worried about Arthur. He drives him back across the causeway and eventually explains that Alice Drablow had a sister, Jennet Humfrye, whose child died in an accident. He says that the sightings of the woman in black began when Jennet died. He also tells Arthur that every time someone sees the woman in black their child dies in dreadful circumstances.