Detailed plot summary - Part 3

Pip hatches a plan to help Magwitch escape

Pip, Herbert and Wemmick (Mr Jaggers's clerk) form a plan to get Magwitch safely out of the country. They aim to row along the river and catch a boat which is leaving England.

Miss Havisham is severely burned

Miss Havisham, shortly before the fire that brings about her tragic demise
Miss Havisham, shortly before the fire that brings about her tragic demise

At this time Pip also hears that Estella is going to marry Bentley Drummle. He pleads with her not to do this but she is determined. She rejects not only Pip but also Miss Havisham. As Pip does not wish to use Magwitch's money he asks Miss Havisham to help Herbert set up in business. She agrees but in a tragic accident her decayed wedding dress catches fire and she is severely burned.

Magwitch is caught and returned to prison

Mrs Joe's mystery attacker is revealed as Orlick. The escape plan for Magwitch is carried out but they are caught at the last minute. Magwitch falls in the river, is hurt, captured and returned to prison. Shortly afterwards he is sentenced to death but he is dying anyway. Pip has worked out that Estella is Magwitch's long lost daughter and tells him that he has always loved her.

Pip returns home and to Estella

Pip no longer has any money as it has been confiscated as the earnings of a criminal; he also has severe debts. Pip falls ill and is nursed back to health by the ever faithful Joe; he also pays off what Pip owes. After this Pip returns to his original home at the blacksmith's. He intends to marry Biddy but he is too late – Joe has already proposed to her. Many years later Pip meets Estella again. She is now a widow and the way seems clear for Pip to pursue his lost love again.

Pip returns to Estella
Pip returns to Estella
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