Hot seating

Hot seating helps real stage actors get into character, and is a good activity to practise your own drama skills.

Your might choose a crucial moment in a book or play and take on the role of the character in the story at that particular moment. Focus on the emotions that your character is feeling at that moment, eg surprise, excitement, terror, anger, happiness, sadness, confusion.

When hot seating, you must speak, think and feel as though you are that character. If you can think, feel and speak like that character, an audience is more likely to believe you are that character.

Student sat at the front of a classroom with a thought bubble coming from their head. Inside the bubble is Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Hot seating is written on the whiteboard behind the studentHot seating is when you take on the role of the character in a story

Hot seat ideas:

  • Harry Potter after his first kiss in The Order of the Phoenix
  • Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet discovers that Tybalt has been killed