History Boys: Act 1 - scenes 5 and 6

  • Hector and the boys are having a lesson entirely in French. It is decided to set the scene in a brothel. The Headmaster and Irwin interrupt and the class conspire to tell them they are acting out a scene involving a wounded soldier, which is why Dakin has no trousers on. Although Irwin speaks in excellent French, the Head talks in English. Hector refuses to give up one of his lessons, so Irwin can prepare the boys for the exams. Inappropriately, Hector offers a lift on his motorcycle to the boys. Posner is refused, but Scripps goes. It is clear there is something odd about riding pillion with Hector.
  • Irwin and the boys are in class. Irwin returns a pile of essays which he dismisses as competent, but dull. The boys, led by Timms the joker and Dakin, their leader, try to wind him up.
  • At the end of the boys’ conversation, it is revealed:
    • Posner is in love with Dakin
    • Rudge is having sex
    • Dakin is seeing the Headmaster’s secretary, Fiona
    • there is a further reference to what happens on the back of Hector’s bike which is not explicitly explained