Just to be sure you understood the text, have a go at answering the following questions.


In this letter, are they applying for a job, writing to a pen-friend or asking for information from a tourist office?

This letter is applying for a job as it refers to a job, le poste and has a formal start and end Madame/Monsieur/Messieurs.


Based on what she says, how would you describe Sandrine?

She is linguistic as she studies français et espagnol and sporty as she plays football, natation et ski.


Based on what she says, what would Sandrine enjoy doing as a gap year?

She would enjoy going abroad to work and using languages as she studies French and Spanish, français et espagnol, at school and mentions living and working abroad, habiter et travailler à l’étranger.


What does Sandrine work as?

She is a shop assistant as she says she works in a shop, magasin, serves customers, servir les clients and stocks shelves, remplir des rayons.