Stock forms, types and sizes

Polymers are available in many stock forms. The table below identifies some of these stock forms and their uses alongside polymers commonly available in that stock form, although they can also be available in other forms:

Common stock formPolymer Common use
SheetAcrylicMenu holders in bars and restaurants
GranulesPolypropylenePen lids and bottle tops
PowderPolytheneDip coating metal objects such as coat hooks
FoamsPlastazote Swimming pool floats
FilmPVCFood wrapping
FilamentPLA/ABS3D prints
Multiple multi-coloured acrylic sheets stacked together in two lines on a white backdrop.

Acrylic sheets

Polymers can be fixed with nuts and bolts, screws and rivets. In most cases fixing a polymer is similar to fixing a metal. Some fixings are made from polymers such as nylon nuts and bolts and hinges.