The nature and purpose of God’s covenant with the Jews

The covenant made with Abraham was unconditional. But this time, through Moses, God made a conditional covenant with His people. The Ten Commandments were a set of rules for them to live by.

The Ten Commandments became a vital part of the Jewish religion. They are still extremely important today, not only in Judaism but within Christianity also.

During this revelation of God to Moses, the nature of God became clear. He is a God of kindness, love and compassion for His people who He helped escape from slavery in Egypt.

The importance of the Ten Commandments showed that the Jewish people had to start living like God’s people – they must now obey His voice and keep His commands, and they must do this freely.

The Jews were chosen as God’s people through the covenants with Abraham and then Moses - but that privilege came with a responsibility to act as such. The Jews had a purpose to serve, and that was to reveal God to all nations. It was no longer about only the worship of God, but also how they conducted themselves as His people.