Learning a language


When exactly is the evening class?

7 – 8pm.

Eadar seachd agus ochd uairean feasgar

Feasgar means 'afternoon' or 'evening' and tells us that the times mentioned, seachd uairean 'seven o'clock' and ochd uairean 'eight o'clock', are 'pm'. Eadar means 'between'.


Apart from attending the evening class, how else does Hamza learn?

Through an online course.

Cùrsa air-loidhne

A bharrachd air means 'in addition to' in this context.


What is Hamza's goal once he is fluent?

To live in Spain.

A dhol a dh'fhuireach dhan Spàinn translates as 'to go and live in Spain'.

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