Usability testing

Usability testing measures how well people can use a particular product or a website.

The aim of usability testing is to create real-world conditions where a product might be used. This will show:

  • what did not work
  • what could be done better

Usability testing can show problems with a design at an early stage.

Aspects of usability testing

  • Persona – a persona may relate to the experience or age of a tester.
  • Test cases – a set of steps that seek to test a specific feature of the website.
  • Scenarios – A test scenario would be a task that the tester would be given (e.g. buy a ticket)

The parts we test with usability testing are low-fidelity prototypes.

The low-fidelity prototypes are used under observation and any problems or issues should be noted by the observers. The notes are then reflected upon, where the appropriate changes can be made.