Lola and Luke delve into Carlos Santana's Smooth in the recording studio

Smooth is one of the most successful chart songs ever to be released. It spent 30 weeks in the top ten of the Billboard top 100 and 12 weeks at No. 1. The song was co-written by Rob Thomas, DeGaetano and Itaal Shur. It features Rob Thomas on vocals and Carlos Santana on lead guitar.

Smooth is a fusion of rock and Latin music. As well as featuring a standard rock band line up, the song is influenced by the rhythms and timbres found in bossa nova, salsa, tango and jazz.

The fusion music features in Smooth

Smooth is a fusion of rock and Latin music. The song combines rock timbres such as distortion on guitar and vocals with guiro, congas, cowbell and timbales - all instruments that originally were associated with Latin American music. The bassline is influenced by the tango and moves between the tonic and dominant. Other features of traditional-world music include a bossa nova rhythmic backing and the brass timbres of the trumpets and trombones, which are common in salsa music. The song is mainly in English but does feature some Spanish words.