Speed, distance and time formulae

How speed, distance and time relate to each other is always the same. The values might change but the relationship doesn't.

  • the speed of something can be found by dividing the distance travelled by the time taken.
  • distance travelled can always be found by multiplying the speed of travel and the time taken to travel that distance.
  • the time a journey took (or will take) can be worked out by dividing the distance travelled by the speed.

An easy way to remember these relationships (or formulae) is to put distance, speed and time (or the letters D, S and T) into a triangle.

3 triangles to illustrate the speed, distance, time equations

The triangles will help you remember these three rules:

Distance = Speed \times Time

Time = \frac{{Distance}}{{Speed}}

Speed = \frac{{Distance}}{{Time}}

On the next page there are some examples to work through.

Have paper and a pen handy, draw the distance, speed and time triangle on your paper, then try the examples.