Listening practice - deciding where to go on holiday

Watch the video then answer the questions below.

María tries to decide where to go for her holidays


Which activity would María most like to do on holiday?

(a) Read

(b) Swim

(c) Rest

(d) Sunbathe

(c) She says: 'Me gustaría nadar, leer, tomar el sol, pero más que nada, descansar... ' (I'd like to swim, read, sunbathe, but more than anything, rest...)


María says that Barcelona is livelier than Valencia but it's also _________.

More expensive.

She explains: 'En mi opinión, Barcelona es más animada que Valencia, pero también más cara.' (In my opinion, Barcelona is livelier than Valencia, but also more expensive.)


Which two details does María give about the weather in Valencia in summer?

  1. It's very hot.
  2. Sometimes there are storms.

She says: 'Siempre hace mucho calor en Valencia en verano, pero a veces hay tormentas.' (It's always hot in Valencia in summer, but sometimes there are storms.)


Give one advantage and one disadvantage of sharing a room in a youth hostel, according to María.

  1. Advantage - You can meet other travellers/ you can make friends.
  2. Disadvantage - Lots of people snore.

She says: 'Una ventaja es que puedes conocer a otros viajeros, hacer amigos... Una desventaja es que mucha gente ronca...' (One advantage is that you can meet other travellers, make friends.... A disadvantage is that lots of people snore...)


María books a __________ room for ______ nights from 4th to ____ _________.

María books a single room for four nights from 4th to 8th August.

She says: 'Hola, quiero reservar una habitación individual para cuatro noches, por favor. Del 4 hasta el 8 de agosto.' (Hello, I want to book a single room for four nights please. From 4th to 8th August.)