Speaking questions - helping the environment - Foundation

Photo-based speaking task

When describing a photo, the first thing to do is say what you can see. Try to think about some things that you could mention, eg who is in the photo, what they are doing, where they are and what other things can you see.

Group of young people collecting litter

Look carefully at the photo above. How would you answer the following questions?

  1. Describe la foto.
  2. ¿Qué haces para cuidar el medio ambiente?

Click to listen to some example answers.


- Describe la foto.

- Hay cuatro chicas que están recogiendo basura. Están en un parque y creo que hace buen tiempo porque llevan camisetas.

- ¿Qué haces para cuidar el medio ambiente?

- Separo la basura y pongo el papel y el vidrio en los contenedores correctos.


- Describe the photo.

- There are four girls who are picking up rubbish. They are in a park and I think that it's nice weather because they are wearing t-shirts.

- What do you do to look after the environment?

- I separate the rubbish and I put the paper and glass in the right containers.


What other questions might you be asked? Click to listen to some potential questions and answers.


- En mi opinión, reciclar es aburrido. ¿Estás de acuerdo?

- Estoy de acuerdo porque reciclar la basura no es muy divertido. Sin embargo, es esencial para el medio ambiente.

- ¿Te gustaría trabajar como voluntaria para ayudar al medio ambiente? ¿Por qué o por qué no?

- Sí, me gustaría trabajar como voluntaria porque creo que es importante proteger el medio ambiente y me gusta ayudar.


- In my opinion, recycling is boring. Do you agree?

- I agree because recycling rubbish isn't much fun. However, it's essential for the environment.

- Would you like to work as a volunteer to help the environment?

- Yes, I would like to work as a volunteer, because I think it's important to protect the environment and I like helping.