Preparation and research

If you want to deliver a good presentation, you must prepare thoroughly beforehand. Here is some advice to help you get started:

  1. Plan your presentation. Decide what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. You could draw a mind map or list a number of bullet points to help you.
  2. Do plenty of research and make sure that you record your sources as you will need to refer to these during the presentation. The Welsh word for research is ymchwil. The verb, to research is ymchwilio. The Welsh expression for to look for information is chwilio am wybodaeth. You may need to use these words during the presentation.

How will you research?

You could look on the internet and talk to people. Here are some key expressions for you:

  • chwilio ar y we – to search on the internet
  • mynd ar y we – to go on the internet
  • ymweld â… – to visit…
  • siarad â… – to talk to…
  • sgwrsio â… – to chat to…
  • cyfweld… – to interview…
  • gofyn i… – to ask…

You could also readdarllen – different types of documents.


Match the following English activities with the correct Welsh translation.

read magazinesdarllen papur bro
read booksdarllen taflenni gwybodaeth
read newspapersdarllen llyfrau
read community paperdarllen erthyglau
read information leafletsdarllen papurau newydd
read articlesdarllen cylchgronau
read magazinesdarllen cylchgronau
read booksdarllen llyfrau
read newspapersdarllen papurau newydd
read community paperdarllen papur bro
read information leafletsdarllen taflenni gwybodaeth
read articlesdarllen erthyglau

You could look at various documents, watch TV or online programmes or listen to audio clips etc:

  • edrych ar... – to look at...
  • gwylio – to watch
  • gwrando ar... – to listen to...

Decide how you are going to do the research and learn the appropriate expressions as you will need to use them during the actual presentation.