The following questions refer to when Laurent moved from America and how his life improved.


When did his parents decide to move?

The answer is when he was fifteen.

He says (mes parents ont donc décidé de déménager) quand j’avais quinze ans.


How has this move helped?

The answer is he started going to school again and no longer wore branded clothing.

He says je suis retourné à l’école et je ne portais plus mes vêtements de marque.


Why is he now happy?

The answer is he passed his Bac (Baccalaureate exam - equivalent to Higher) and will continue his studying.

He says (je suis tellement heureux car) j’ai eu mon Bac et je vais continuer mes études.


What does he hope to do in the future?

He will continue studying to be a youth worker who helps teenagers who have alcohol and drug problems.

He says je vais continuer mes études pour être éducateur spécialisé, pour aider les adolescents qui ont des problèmes avec l’alcool et les drogues.

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