Key plot details

A timeline of the major events in the plot of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
  1. Christopher discovers the body of Wellington the dog and decides to investigate his death despite his dad's warnings not to pry into other people's business.
  2. Mrs Alexander tells Christopher that his mum had an affair. He then discovers a box full of letters his mother has sent him and realises that she is not dead as he had been led to believe by his dad.
  3. Ed finds a distressed Christopher and confesses the truth to him. He tries to explain why he lied about his mother - he also reveals it was he who killed Wellington.
  4. Losing trust in his father, Christopher decides he cannot live with him anymore and so he must go to London to find his mother, Judy.
  5. Christopher gets on the train to London, very brave considering he has never left Swindon. He uses the London Underground and has a chaotic and eventful journey.
  6. Eventually he reaches his mother's flat. Her boyfriend, Mr Shears, does not like having Christopher around.
  7. Christopher and his mum leave, and move back to Swindon.
  8. Christopher starts to rebuild his relationship with dad. After his pet rat dies, Ed gives him a puppy.
  9. Even though he is only 15, Christopher takes his Maths A-level exam. He passes and gets an A*. By the end of the play Christopher is looking forward to the future.
In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Christopher learns that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.