Jeff Buckley - Grace

Opening of chorus

Notation of the opening of the chorus of Jeff Buckley's Grace

Look at the chorus. It is all built on the words ‘Wait in the fire’. Notice the long melisma on the final word 'fire'.

The bridge

  • The bridge presents some contrasting material.
  • The first four bars use chords which move in parallel motion.
  • The voice part is a vocalisation (wordless singing). The vocalisation opens in two parts, producing a rich texture.

The coda

  • The coda provides the climax of the song.
  • It is based on repetitions of the chord sequence F, E minor, E flat 7 (taken from the chorus).
  • The highest notes are sung falsetto.
  • Voices and instruments improvise elaborately creating a rich and full texture.
  • A flange effect (an electronic effect producing a sweeping sound) is used on the guitar.