Approaches to develop performance

At National 4, a description of two methods used to gather data is required. This can be from two different factors or the same factor.

Approaches to develop mental factors

The mental factor is all about a performer’s feelings and how these can influence the outcome of any activity.

Mental rehearsal technique

Mental imagery involves the athlete imagining themselves in an environment performing a specific activity using all of their senses (sight, hear, feel and smell). The images should have the athlete performing the activity successfully and feeling satisfied with their performance. They should visualise as much detail as possible. When beginning mental rehearsal, the athlete should use a skill they can already perform at an automatic level.

Decision-making drills

A footballer shoots towards the goal
Providing alternatives of where to shoot at goal can help develop decision-making

Drills would be set up where options or alternatives were introduced requiring the performer to make decisions about what the best response would be. This might be to offer two or more possible solutions to getting past an opponent, to shoot at goal, to get free from a marker or even to pass the ball.

In this practice situation the performer has to reflect on whether the decision taken proved to be correct or not. This would encourage the performer to evaluate if this would be the decision taken again in a similar situation.