Corruption in government

Warren Harding, who was President in the early 1920s, gained a reputation for giving important and influential posts to his political friends and members of his Cabinet.

Members of this “Ohio Gang” were in positions of power and they would go on to betray the public's trust in several scandals.

At the beginning of 1924, soon after Harding's death, Congress began investigating reports of corruption and bribery during Harding's administration.

Several members of the “Ohio Gang” were charged and imprisoned for corruption:

  • Charles R. Forbes was found guilty of fraud, conspiracy and bribery in the Veterans' Bureau.
  • Albert B. Fall was found guilty and imprisoned for his part in the scandel and the Elk Hills oil fund scandal.
  • Harry M. Daugherty was found guilty of selling alcohol illegally and giving licences and pardons to offenders.