Society test questions

This quiz revises phrases which you could use in your conversation. Read the phrases and choose the correct translation.


My friends are always there when I need help or support.


For me, even though there is peer pressure, it's not a big problem.


I never worry about my appearance because I am confident and feel comfortable with my friends.


I get on very well with my parents because I can always tell them my worries.


I'm lucky because I don't argue much with my older sister as she is not annoying like my brother.


Often at weekends I go to my friends' houses and we have a laugh by listening to music, watching films and of course, we talk about everything.


As far as I’m concerned the internet is essential to communicate with people, surf and look at the life of my friends on Facebook.


I don't like reading because I prefer to be active and outside.


Every night I watch TV for several hours. I love reality TV shows because they make me laugh and relax me.


Because I hate sports I try to eat healthily in order not to put on weight.


If you spend too much time in front of a screen you will become passive and lazy.