Key plot details

Timeline with 11 illustrations and labels, showing the key plot details of 'A Taste of Honey'.
  1. Jo and Helen arrive at their new flat.
  2. Helen has a heavy cold and Jo complains about the fact that they have to move around so much.
  3. Peter Smith, a friend of Helen’s, arrives.
  4. Jo guesses that the reason they have moved this time is because Helen was trying to get away from Peter.
  5. Jo has a boyfriend, a black naval officer, who is referred to as Boy in the play. He asks Jo to marry him.
  6. Jo’s boyfriend stays with her in the flat as she is tired of being abandoned by Helen, who has decided to marry Peter.
  7. A pregnant Jo is again left alone when her boyfriend returns to the navy.
  8. Jo’s new friend Geof offers to help her and agrees to stay at the flat so that she is not lonely.
  9. Helen arrives for a visit having learned that Jo is pregnant. She makes it obvious she does not like Geof, particularly as he is homosexual. She offers to help Jo but leaves when Peter arrives at the flat.
  10. Helen leaves Peter as he has had an affair with another woman and moves back into the flat. She tells Geof to leave which he does.
  11. Helen is angry when Jo tells her the father of her baby is black. Helen goes for a drink and Jo is left alone once more, unaware that Geof has left.