Coordinates show a position of a point or points on a graph or grid. The point (0, 0) is called the origin. The point (2, 4) means the coordinates are two units to the right in the \(x\)-direction and four units up in the \(y\)-direction.

Set of axes, showing point (2,4)

What word do the following coordinate points spell?

(1, 3) (-5, -7) (3,1) (-7, -5) (-2, 0) (-5, -7)

Set of axes showing points labelled H, N, R, V, S, O, K, J, E, I

The coordinates spell 'REVISE'.

Coordinates are given in the form (\(x\), \(y\)). The first number is the position in the \(x\)-direction (horizontal) and the second is the position in the \(y\)-direction (vertical).