Stage directions

Throughout the play stage directions add to the physical humour and characterisation of each of the Slab Boys.

For example Phil's mockery of Sadie's baking skills; taking fairy cake and banging it off the side of the trolley, and Spanky's willingness to steal; Hands Phil a cakes he's pinched.

The physical comedy in Hector's farcical makeover comes entirely from Byrne's carefully scripted stage directions; from the instruction that Phil throws Hector over his shoulder to the flurry of entrances and exits.

Finally, the stage directions reveal a new side to characters. Spanky’s willingness to work when away from Phil is evident when he starts working quickly and methodically in his absence, and Phil’s violent nature is clear when he makes a lunge at Alan and Thrusts knife through edge of door while threatening Hector.

The victory over the bullying behaviour of the Slab Boys is also secured when Hector Takes Parker Pen out of Phil’s pocket and hands it to Alan, showing Hector’s new found confidence.