There are {12}~{months} in a year. How many months are there in {5}~{years}?


Annie works for a car cleaning company. She earns \pounds{14} per day plus \pounds{5} for each car she cleans per day. How much will Annie earn in a day if she cleans {8} cars?


A holiday costs \pounds{230}, plus \pounds{50} a day. Which formula shows the cost of the holiday, {C} for {d} days?


A company exchanges foreign currency. They offer \${1.5} for each pound. On top of this, they charge a fee of \pounds{4.50}. Which formula shows the cost, {C}, in pounds of purchasing \${D}?


A piece of wood measures {150}~{cm}. The length, {l}, left over after cutting off {t}~{cm} is {150}-{t}. Calculate the value of {l} if {t}={35}~{cm}.


To find the area {A} of a triangle, we use the formula {A}=\frac{({b}\times{h})}{2}, where {b} represents the length of the base and {h}is the height of the triangle. Use the formula to find {A} if {b}={8} and {h}={3}.


This formula {v}={u}+{at}, links:

initial velocity ( {u})

final velocity ( {v})

acceleration ( {a})

time ( {t})

What is the value of {v} if {u}={5}, {a}={10} and {t}={2}?


The formula for the area of a rectangle, {A}, which is {10}~{cm} in length and {b}~{cm} in width is {A}={10b}. What is the value of {b} if {A}={40}~{cm}^{2}?


The formula for the volume, {C}, of a cuboid is {C}={lbh}. {l} represents the cuboid's length, {b} is its width and {h} is its height. What is the formula for {b}?


The formula for the distance a stone falls under the influence of gravity is: {s}=\frac{1}{2}{g}{t}^{2}, where {s} is the distance, {g} is the gravitational acceleration, and {t}= is the time that the stone falls. Write the formula for {t} in terms of {s} and {g}?