Photograph of the BBC News studio at New Broadcasting House

TV news programmes have the same narrative construction each evening

In Media Studies narrative is how the story of a media text is constructed and how it relays its information to an audience.

To analyse how a narrative is constructed you need to look at how it is put together using audio codes, visual codes, structure and the characters.

For example a television news programme like BBC News at Ten will have the same narrative construction each evening, although the content of the news stories will be different.

The top stories or breaking news are at the start of the programme, with the rest of the day’s news stories and continuing stories next, followed by the sport and then finally the weather.

Television news uses technical codes such as editing, graphics and different camera angles and movement.

Audio codes include all of the dialogue – this includes everything said by the news presenter and the correspondents.

Visual codes include the design of the set as well as the outfits worn by the news presenter and journalists, these will be formal and smart to reflect that it is a serious news programme.