Performer practising
A flautist practising

Once you have carefully selected some level-appropriate pieces to play, a regular practise routine should be established. More guidance on how to achieve successful practice can be found in the Practicing and rehearsing section.

Care should be taken to play the music correctly and to perform it as the composer intended.

In any performance, a musician should consider:

  • melodic accuracy/intonation
  • rhythmic accuracy
  • tempo and flow
  • mood and character
  • tone
  • dynamics

These areas are the basis of the National 5 Performance assessment.

You should always aim to play/sing notes as accurately as possible. This will help you to interpret the meaning of the music as well as let you achieve the appropriate tempo, mood and character.

Some instruments need extra attention to be given to intonation. For example:

  • good breath control is required for woodwind and brass instruments and to support the sound produced by singers.
  • having your fingers in the correct place and on the correct string is something all violin, viola and cello players have to think about.

  • Check that your instrument is in tune before you play
  • Listen carefully as you play to make sure that each note is not being played sharp or flat