Using demonstrative pronouns

Which pronoun you use depends on whether the noun it is replacing is masculine, feminine or plural.

Using celui/celle with -ci and -là

By adding -ci or -là, you infer this one or that one:

Singularcelui-cicelle-cithis one
celui-làcelle-làthat one
Pluralceux-cicelles-cithese ones
ceux-làcelles-làthose ones


  • On a deux voitures : celle-ci est bleue, celle-là est verte. - We have two cars: this one is blue, that one is green.
  • Quelles baskets devrais-je porter : celles-ci ou celles-là ? - Which trainers should I wear: these or those?

Other uses of celui, celle, ceux and celles

Celui, celle, ceux and celles can be used with de to mean something belonging to someone/something, for example:

  • Tu parles de quelle maison, celle de David ? - Which house are you talking about, David’s? (literally, that of David)
  • Mais si, tu connais cette chanson, c’est celle de David Guetta ! - You do know this song, it’s the one by David Guetta!
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