Reasons behind the trend in tourism

There are many factors that help explain the growth in tourism:

  • More affluence - since 1950 people have become wealthier. There is more disposable income. People also now have paid time off work for holidays.
  • Greater awareness - through advertising or television programmes people are more aware of how and where they can spend their free time.
  • More car ownership - more families own a car. This gives greater freedom to choose when and where to spend time.
  • Improvements in technology - travelling today is much quicker. Motorways and aircraft have helped reduce the time it takes to get to different countries. Travelling by air has become more accessible as you can book on line and choose more budget options.
  • More leisure time - people have paid holidays from work (on average three weeks per year are paid). Also people who are retired remain active for longer. There is also a trend to take more than one holiday in a year.
  • More choice - in the past seaside holidays and package holidays were the most popular. The industry is seeing more people look at ecotourism and more unusual holiday destinations.
Sunbathers in Nice
Sunbathers on the beach in Nice, southern France
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