Positive impacts of human intervention

  • Improved transportation - new roads and airports. Better transportation means easier access to raw materials like minerals and timber. Rainforest resources can be transported away and sold.
  • Infrastructure, hospitals and education can be improved from the money gained from selling natural resources.
  • Profits from selling resources can be used to improve a country's infrastructure. For example, profits from the sale of rainforest resources can be used to build schools and hospitals.
  • Raw materials, eg tropical hardwoods such as ebony and mahogany, can be sold for a good price abroad.
  • Mineral deposits in the Amazon include bauxite (the main constituent of aluminium), iron ore, manganese, gold, silver and diamonds. Minerals can be sold for high profits.
  • Large-scale farming brings money into the country and provides food and jobs for the country's growing population.
  • Small-scale farming provides food for rainforest communities and the landless poor of Brazil.