Expressing beliefs about the nature of God

The Bible

The Bible expresses fundamental ideas and beliefs about the nature of God.

Most Christians regard the Bible as an important or even unique source of authority. In different traditions there are a variety of ways in which it is read, understood and followed.


Creeds express and make clear the most important Christian beliefs, including about the nature of God. The congregation often recites them during acts of worship, usually standing.

There are three main Christian creeds: the Nicene Creed; Apostles' Creed; Athanasian Creed.

Apostles' Creed

This is based on the teaching of the Apostles. It was written in the 4th century CE and is used by churches in the West. It represents a summary of Christian belief about the following:


Christians worship God both in private and in public, eg through personal prayer and attending church services.

Action for justice

Many Christians believe that they should follow the example of Jesus to work for justice for all. They therefore donate to and may volunteer for charities, eg Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tearfund.

Many Christians consider issues of justice, locally, nationally and internationally, eg when considering who to vote for in an election.