Organising the details of your event

If you arrange a party, or indeed any event, you and your friends could share responsibilities, eg:

  • Pwy sydd eisiau trefnu’r ______? – Who wants to arrange the ______?
  • Pwy sy’n mynd i ______? – Who’s going to ______?
  • Fi – dw i eisiau trefnu’r______. – Me – I want to arrange the ______.
  • Fi – achos dw i’n hoffi ______. – Me – because I like ______.
  • Fi – dw i’n hapus i drefnu’r ______ achos ______. – Me – I’m happy to arrange the ______ because ______.
  • Hoffet ti drefnu’r ______? – Would you like to arrange the ______?
  • Hoffwn. Diolch. – Yes, I would. Thank you.
  • Na hoffwn. Dim diolch. – No, I wouldn’t. Thank you.

Listen to the following clip, where Tom is asking people to help arrange a party.


Match the names with the tasks in the grid below.

Lisabwcio’r ganolfan hamdden
Gwilymtrefnu’r bwyd
Siânrhoi gwybod i bawb
Rhiantrefnu’r gerddoriaeth
Eleritrefnu’r diodydd
Lisatrefnu’r bwyd
Gwilymtrefnu’r diodydd
Siântrefnu’r gerddoriaeth
Rhianbwcio’r ganolfan hamdden
Elerirhoi gwybod i bawb

Food and drink

Even if one or more of the group take responsibility for the food, you may need to talk about this as it’s such an important element in a party!

So, what kind of food and drink will be served at the party?

Pa fath o fwyd fydd yn y parti? – What kind of food will be at the party?

Pa fath o ddiod fydd yn y parti? – What kind of drink will be at the party?

Beth am gacennau? – What about cakes?

Bydd brechdanau. – There will be sandwiches.

Pa fath? – What kind?

Why not list the different kinds of food and drink that are popular at parties and then say which ones you would like at your party. This would be a good opportunity to express opinions.

  • Dw i eisiau ______ achos dw i’n hoffi ______ yn fawr. – I want ______ because I like ______ very much.
  • Beth am gael ______ achos mae pawb yn hoffi ______? – What about having ______ because everyone likes ______?
  • Mae ______ yn syniad da achos maen nhw’n hyfryd. – ______ are a good idea because they’re lovely.
  • Hoffwn i gael ______ yn y parti achos dw i wrth fy modd gyda ______. – I would like to have ______ at the party because I love ______.


You could also use the same patterns to discuss what kind of music you would like to have at the party. Again, express opinions, eg

Hoffwn i gael cerddoriaeth ______ achos mae’n gyffrous, yn fywiog a dw i’n hoffi dawnsio i’r gerddoriaeth yma. - I would like to have ______ music because it’s exciting, lively and I like to dance to this music.

Why not arrange a party or a similar event as a group? Arrange who does what and talk about details such as:

  • the venue
  • the date and time
  • food, drink, games, music etc
  • the cost