Continued hostilities 1315-1320

Robert Bruce and his supporters continued to fight for Scottish independence. They made raids into the north of England.

Edward II mounted several invasions of Scotland in the years after Bannockburn. All ended in defeat or expensive failure.

The Irish Wars

To complicate matters for Edward II, Bruce opened up a second front in Ireland in 1315. This invasion was led by his brother Edward Bruce.

The aim was to divert English attention and resources away from Scotland. This was achieved for a period of time, although Edward Bruce was killed in 1318. He died in an ill-advised attack on Irish nobles at the Battle of Faughart.

Raids into northern England

Robert Bruce and his commanders led raids into northern England every year between 1315-18. They wanted to force Edward II to accept Scottish independence. The Scots re-captured Berwick in 1318.

Edward II tried to besiege Berwick in 1319. But he was forced to retreat as a result of devastating raids by the Scottish army on Yorkshire. These were led by Thomas Randolph and James Douglas.