Reducing vulnerability

To reduce vulnerability, organisations such as the United States Geological Survey (USGS), governments and charities need to do the following.

Reduce the impact of hazard

Monitoring tectonic activity using equipment may help predict and identify major events. In addition to this, setting up evacuation zones and hazard mapping are helpful techniques to reduce the impact of a hazard.

Build capacity to cope with the hazard

Educating people about what to do, and having regular earthquake drills, are helpful in building capacity to cope. In addition, having well equipped emergency service teams who are well trained also increases a country’s ability to cope. Buildings can also be designed in a way to better survive earthquakes. From skyscrapers in San Francisco, USA, to new community centres in Kali Jawi, Indonesia, buildings can be made earthquake proof.

Tackle the root cause of the vulnerability

Governments and organisations can help reduce the vulnerability by actively trying to reduce inequality and poverty in countries. Everyone, regardless of wealth, should have the same status and right to protection.