Vitamin C


Vitamin C is required by the body to:

  • heal wounds by helping to form new connective tissue
  • absorb iron – especially non-haem iron
  • help protect the body from cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) (due to its antioxidant properties)
  • help prevent gum disease by keeping gums healthy
  • help prevent scurvy
  • help build a strong immune system to fight infection


Citrus fruits

Vitamin C can be found in some fruits, such as:

  • oranges
  • lemons
  • blueberries
  • blackcurrants
  • kiwi
  • mango
  • pineapple


Vitamin C can be found in some vegetables, such as:

  • peppers
  • chilli
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts


Not eating enough vitamin C can be harmful to us in a number of ways: our immune system is weakened, the body finds it harder to fight off disease, it takes longer for wounds to heal, our gums can bleed and we might feel tired or fatigued.