Detailed plot summary

Scrooge awakes on Christmas Day

Scrooge wakes up full of a zest for life. He presses the bed to check it is real and then laughing, proclaims himself as 'giddy as a drunken man'. He calls out of the window to a boy who tells him it is Christmas Day and Scrooge is delighted to find the spirits have done all their work in one night.

He gives the boy half a crown to buy the prize turkey from the butchers and have it delivered to the Cratchits. Then he dresses and goes out into the street where he meets one of the charity collectors from the previous day. Scrooge whispers his donation to the man, who is very grateful. Then Scrooge goes to church and at last to his nephew Fred's for Christmas dinner.

Scrooge knows how to celebrate Christmas

The next day, Scrooge offers Bob Cratchit a pay-rise and promises to help look after his family. He learns how to laugh at himself and eventually becomes known as a man who knows how to celebrate Christmas.

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