Performance Skills test questions


In a rugby game, a performer may be able to pass and catch, dodge past a defender whilst running with the ball, and tackle an opponent to the ground. What physical factors are required for all the skills highlighted?


In table tennis, the performer may return the ball to their opponent using a forehand shot. What physical factors are required for the skill highlighted to be successful?


In gymnastics, skills such as a cart wheel and a headstand require which physical factors?


A dancer requires a variety of physical factors to smoothly link together different movements together to create a motif/routine. What are they?


In hockey, the performer should show awareness of space by passing a ball in behind a defender for a team mate to run on to. What other physical factor is required to create scoring opportunities?


In badminton, the performer may demonstrate the ability to play the shuttle away from their opponent. What physical factor will help put an opponent under pressure on a regular basis?


In a football warm up the performer may successfully take part in a group practice. What social factors are required?


In badminton, showing good manners by returning shuttle or apologising for lucky shots is called?


When taking a corner kick in football, the team must all work together and individually to contribute to the set play they have worked on in training. What social factor do you think is needed to turn a corner kick into a scoring opportunity?


In badminton, the ability to read the situation and move to the correct area of the court to give yourself more time is called?