3-dimensional solids

Some 3D solids have faces, edges and vertices.

Pyramidal chocolate bar with edge, face and vertex labelled
  • A face is a flat surface.
  • An edge is where two faces meet.
  • A vertex is a corner where edges meet. The plural is vertices.

A prism is a 3D solid with a uniform cross-section. The two end faces of a prism are identical in shape and size. If you make a cut parallel to the ends, the cross-section exposed will be the same shape and size as the ends.

A view of of a triangular prism and its cross-section

A pyramid has a polygon as its base and the rest of its faces are triangles that meet at the same vertex.

Square based pyramid with height, h

Here are some common 3D solids.

Cube6 (all squares)128
Cuboid6 (all rectangles)128
Square-based pyramid585
Triangular-based pyramid464
Four 3D shapes that include a cube, a square-based pyramid, a triangular-based pyramid and a cuboid.

Some 3D solids, such as the cone and the cylinder, have faces and curved surfaces.

Some 3D solids, like the sphere, just have a curved surface.

Three 3D shapes that include a cylinder, a cone and a sphere.