Writing to describe test questions


What is the name for the technique where things that are not human are presented as if they are? For example: The tree’s bony fingers reached into the pockets of the man and lifted up his jacket.


What are describing words that describe a noun?


What is the term used when something is mentioned over and over again in order to add emphasis to it?


What is the name for the types of words that are used to describe verbs?


What is the term used to describe sound words? (Note: You must spell it correctly!)


What is the name of the term when you deliberately repeat the same sound at the start of words together? For example: crept; creepily.


What is the term used for when writers compare one thing to another using like or as. For example: The sun was as round as a ball.


Writers often use the weather in descriptive or narrative writing in order to create emotion in a scene or to mirror the emotion of the characters, what is the technical term for this?


What is the term used when a writer uses a word, phrase or an image in order to evoke a set of ideas or feelings. For example, when a red rose is used to bring up feelings of love and romance.


What is the term used to describe all of the things that a person will think of when they either see an image or look at a particular word? For example, when we see the word “Home”, we may think of family, love, pets etc.