The main settings in Italy are:

  • Luigi's farm
  • Massimo's house

Image of a tank next to Monte Cassino in Italy, which was bombed heavily during WWII
Monte Cassino was bombed heavily in World War II

The Italian locations are near to Monte Cassino. This was the scene of a significant battle of World War Two. By setting the play here, Di Mambro is able to convey the destruction that the war brought to Italy.

Luigi's farm

In spite of losing his livelihood to war, there is a sense his home is not basic. There is mention of a tablecloth, wine bottles and wine glasses. Although it seems relatively comfortable, this setting is a prison for Lucia who is treated like a slave.

When Lucia moves to live with Luigi, the setting clearly shows how out of place she is. The incident with the spider shows that she is uncomfortable in these unfamiliar surroundings. This reflects the theme of nationalism - it makes clear that despite her Italian heritage, there is much about Lucia that is more Scottish.

This is a significant setting because this is where Hughie rescues Lucia as they realise their love for each other.

Massimo's house

Massimo’s house in Italy is extremely basic. He tells us “It’s just got the two rooms, bare walls, bare floors, and the hens march in and out all day long.” This is a significant setting because it contrasts with the wealth of the Pedreschi’s shop and highlights the poverty he originally came from.

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