Voluntary muscles and their functions in the human body

The main muscles of the human body are shown here.

Main muscles of the body: deltoid, pectoralis major, biceps, external obliques, hip flexors, quadriceps, tibialis anterior, triceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, gastrocnemius.
FunctionExample in sport
Deltoid Abduction of the shoulder (moving the arm outwards and away from the body)Outward arm action in a jumping jack
Pectoralis majorAdduction of the shoulder (moving the arm towards the body); Shoulder horizontal flexion (moving the arms forwards in front of the body) Upwards phase of a press up
TricepsExtend the elbow (straightening the arm)Shooting in netball
BicepsFlex the elbow (bending the arm)Drawing a bow in archery
External obliquesTrunk rotation (turning the body sideways)Turning the body to breathe to the side when performing front crawl in swimming
Latissimus dorsiShoulder adduction (moving the arm towards the body); Shoulder horizontal extensionButterfly stroke in swimming
Hip flexorsHip flexion (moving knee up towards the chest) Performing a rugby conversion kick
Gluteus maximusHip extension (moving the leg backwards)Pulling back leg before kicking a ball
QuadricepsExtend the knee (straightening the leg)Kicking a ball
Hamstrings Flex the knee (bending the leg)Performing a hamstring curl on a weights machine
Gastrocnemius Plantar flexion of the ankle (pointing the toes downwards)Standing on tiptoe to mark a goal shoot in netball
Tibialis anteriorDorsiflexion of the ankle (bringing the toes up towards the shin)Foot making contact with a football