Aid in Wales

Aid is assistance given from one country to another. It includes money, equipment, training and loans. It can be foreign aid from the government of one country to another, or from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to a country or region. There are several different types of aid.

In Wales, The European Union (The EU) has provided financial support in the form of grants and loans to the most vulnerable communities. Some of this funding is in the form of aid and is highlighted below.

EU funding programs in Wales prior to the vote to leave to the EU (2016)

European Structural Funds

Support people into work and training, youth employment, research and innovation, business (SMEs) competitiveness, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and connectivity and urban development.

Common Agricultural Policy

A £200m a year scheme providing payments to more than 16,000 farms in Wales to help protect and enhance the countryside.

Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

A £957m programme supporting businesses, farmers, the countryside, and communities in rural areas.

European Maritime Fisheries Fund

Supporting sustainable development within the fishing and aquaculture sectors, the conservation of the marine environment, and growth and jobs in coastal communities.

The information above has been sourced from the Welsh Government web page EU funds in Wales (18 May 2017).