A new language

Rebecca talks about her experience of trying to learn a new language. Listen to what she says and answer the questions on what you heard.

Listening practice – A new language

Mobile phone with headphones

1. Why does Rebecca not normally make a new year's resolution?

She thinks it is a foolish and pointless custom because most people don't stick to their resolutions for more than a week or two at most.


2. Why did Rebecca think she would find learning a new language easy?

She is already bilingual and knows that speaking more than one language makes it easier to learn another language.


3. How did Rebecca select the app she downloaded for learning French?

She went to the app store on her phone and chose the one with the best reviews.


4. How did this app work?

It allowed her to listen to French words and phrases being spoken. She was then able to repeat them and get marks out of ten and feedback on how accurate (or inaccurate!) her pronunciation was.


5. What advice did the modern languages teacher give her about learning French?

She told her to speak French as often as she could; to listen to French TV and radio programmes so she would learn new vocabulary and develop a good French accent.

She also suggested she should go to France on holiday as that would mean she would be immersed in the language and would have to speak French.


6. Which statement best describes Rachel’s language learning experience?

  • Online learning worked best for her
  • Online learning and practising speaking and listening to French were all useful
  • She became fluent through one to one conversations with a language teacher

Online learning and practising speaking and listening to French were all useful.