Write an account of the importance of…? (16 marks)

(SPaG: 4 marks)

This final question requires you to produce a complex argument in response to a statement, using the second-order concepts of change and continuity or cause and consequence. You should give a balanced answer that considers ways in which the statement could be valid and ways in which it is not.


'The theatres of Elizabethan England showed the new unity of society in the 'Golden Age'.'

How far does a study of ____ support this statement?

Explain your answer.

You should refer to ____ and your contextual knowledge.

This question relates to a historic environment, chosen from a changing list provided by the exam board each year. The kind of statement given in the exam paper will vary according to whether the environment is a stately home, a church or a site.


High mark questions such as this one usually take longer to plan and answer. Before jumping straight in, plan your response carefully before you start writing it, so you can arrange your arguments and examples in a logical manner.

Develop your explanation of change or causation by thoroughly explaining the relationship between factors. Support your answer with detailed factual knowledge and understanding of the historic site, and Elizabethan England in general, to form a sustained judgment.

When you have finished, read your answer thoroughly to check for any spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes.