Hector McKenzie

Hector is a small, easily victimised member of the slab room. He endures relentless teasing from both Spanky and Phil:

I've seen more up-to-date clothes on a garden gnome...you're a mess Heck.

Hector's undesirability is made even more apparent when Lucille is insulted by the very suggestion that she is going to the dance with Hector, stating:

I wouldn’t be seen dead with that smout at a dance.

Hector is an easy target for humour. He spends most of Act 2 in his underwear, and his sudden appearances are a source of broad comedy.

But Byrne also gives him vulnerability. When Alan berates Phil and Spanky for their treatment of that poor little bastard, Phil reveals that Hector had previously tried to kill himself because:

...some stupid lassie that wouldn't look the road he was on.

While Hector serves to reveal Phil’s dark side during his ‘makeover’, here Phil shows genuine concern for him. Does he relate Hector's fragile mental state with that of his mother?

In the end Hector might not have got the girl, but he does get the promotion and as such, he is the only Slab Boy to have any of his dreams fulfilled by the end of the play.

And there is a hint at the end that Hector turns the tables on Phil and Spanky. He may only just have been promoted but he is ready to use his position to exert power over his colleagues:

No palming me off with sub-standard shades, Farrell.