Main characters

The main characters of the play are the three slab boys, Phil, Spanky and Hector.

Hector, Phil and Spanky standing in the Slab Room wearing their Slab Boys coats. Hector is vulnerable and kind. Phil is angry and ambitious. Spanky is quick-witted and grounded.

Phil McCann

Phil is the protagonist of the play and the dominant force of the Slab Room.

He is a bully, a joker and a talented artist who has had to cope with his mother’s extreme mental illness throughout his life.

Phil is determined to break free from his working class life. Despite a desire to convey a dominant, hard-hearted persona, his vulnerability is revealed throughout the play.

George 'Spanky' Farrell

Spanky is Phil’s sidekick and fellow slab boy.

He is more accepting of his position in the factory, and in society. He is also a more grounded and kinder character than Phil.

Hector McKenzie

Hector is a bullied and less confident slab boy. He is often the butt of Phil and Spanky’s jokes.