Fraction and percentage test questions


I spend \(\frac {2} {5}\) of my allowance of £70 on clothes. How much money do I have left?


What is 45% of 135 ml?


A farm owns three pigs, four cows and two sheep. What percentage of the animals are cows, to the nearest whole number?


20 girls and 30 boys go on a school trip. What fraction are girls?

Express your answer in the simplest form.


Anya donates £12 to charity. This is \(\frac {4} {7}\) of the money in her purse. How much does she have left?


I use 20% of a bag of flour to make a cake that requires 140 g of flour. How heavy was the bag originally?


Crimp ‘n’ Curl charges a basic rate for haircuts, which increases by 15% to include styling to give a total of £30. How much does a basic haircut cost, to the nearest pound?


Gas prices fall by 12%. If a person’s monthly payment is now £78.50, what was it before the price dropped?


What is the value when you increase 40 by 2%, using multipliers?


Melissa is 65% hydrated at midday. By 5.00pm, her hydration has decreased by 2.5% of her hydration at midday. Using multipliers, calculate how hydrated she is now.